Declarative ETL Simplifies and Automates

Manage your data integration with metadata vs programming


Metadata Managed ETL

Our metadata, similar to a data dictionary, controls all ETL. You can easily create the metadata with our design wizards based on data models, parsing of data or ERD tools. A rich feature set of ETL functionality is implemented behind the scenes.

​​​​Enterprise Visibility

Our data dictionary can be maintained in a central repository we call Master Schema Management. This allows complete visibility and change management across the enterprise.

ETL Life Cycle Automation

Leveraging our metadata technology we provide a complete tool set to automate DBA, QA and business requirements tasks. Expect 80% automation across the life cycle. Calculate your costs savings.

SQL/NoSQL Integration

Powerful feature set for SQL and NoSQL integration. Automatic detection of source schema changes from either SQL or NoSQL database are updated to the Data Dictionary and the DDL applied to destination database.

Built In ETL Best Practices

Our metadata controlled ETL consistently implements best practices for data integration and data management. We would argue that metadata managed ETL is itself a best practice.

We Span the Enterprise

From everyday ETL tasks to complex data models in data warehousing, Big Data or data marts. Batch or streaming. We integrate data between any end point including applications, search engines, files, REST or ESB consumer.

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