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Semantic ETL Tool Suite

SO WTH Is SemAntic ETL?

We combine sophisticated metadata management and a rules engine to harness our powerful ETL platform. Semiotic is an agile, versatile application with low or no coding that eliminates boilerplate ETL programming. Our management studio, using the metadata, manages the entire ETL life cycle. This includes design, quality control, documentation, monitoring and remediation, all with little effort. Our application approach to ETL provides options for real time and/or automated schema change and deployment plus several other new use cases.

Your data agility comes from the integrated managing of schema, mappings, quality control, monitoring and remediation. In addition the metadata management gives you flexibility to easily implement change.

Pain Points of Data Integration


  • Repetitive, boilerplate ETL programming  
  • Programmers and consultants are expensive and must learn your business
  • Code becomes a black box and is hard to manage and support 
  • High support costs as data errors require coding to fix
  • Quality control is a separate process and typically poorly executed
  • Monitoring is separate implementation 


  • Top down configuration vs programming
  • Business & Data Analyst are more productive
  • Semantic metadata is the documentation in business nomenclature
  • Resolve data errors via our studio with a few clicks 
  • Built in QA tools check record counts, data compares and schema 
  • Built in dashboards, reporting and diagnostics 

Where We Rock!

App Development with ETL Requirements

Don't let ETL slow your team down. Automatic, rules based schema change propagation from your OLTP database (SQL or NoSQL) to destination datastores. Plus we handle Json and dynamic forms.

Fat Data / Large Schemas

Manage large schemas with vastly reduced effort compared to ETL programming.

Workflows and Dynamic Forms

Form names can be automatically normalized into separate tables.

Numerous or Changing Flat Files

Sweep a file directory, ingest multiple files, read column headers, sample data, detect schema changes then create or update metadata and optionally the destination schema.

Optimize Staffing

Semiotic empowers your business and data analyst to be more productive  without needing deep programming skills.

We Love Json & NoSQL

Native Json processing and metadata that supports hierarchies allows Semiotic to effortlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL and REST

SaaS/Cloud Products Data Feeds

Allow your customers to define and manage their own data feeds via a web portal. 

Embed in Your Application

Microservices interface allows easy integration. Add real-time/codeless data integration to your app. OEM licensing available.

Hybrid SQL / Json or Name Value Pair Data Models

Seamlessly handle SQL and semi-structured data. Pivot/unpivot and normalize Json automatically.

Compliance (With No Additional Work)

Track and report on data lineage, data dictionary, personal identifiable information (PII), obfuscation of PII, SDLC, data errors and mitigation.

High Scalability

Scale up and/or scale out. Parallel processing, Kubernetes and Kafka queues. 

See What's Under the Hood
You Won't Be Disappointed

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