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METL / Metadata ETL

Simplify Management of Your Complex Data Integration

Dynamic ETL Integration between SQL, NoSQL, Cloud/Microservices and Flat Files

Automate your ETL using our Data Rules Engine, Metadata Management and Json Processing

  • Low LOE to Implement Large ETL Projects
  • Design Wizards Create ETL Dataflows En Masse from any Data Source
  • Dynamic Schema Integration with ORM, ReST and SQL/NoSQL. This Includes Salesforce and other Cloud Vendors.
  • Scalability and High Availability from Kafka and Zookeeper
  • Compliance Tracking: Report on All Data Lineage, Schema, PII Data and Obfuscation
  • Overview

  • Designing

  • Dynamic Integration

  • Metadata Management

  • Java / Spring

Our Innovations

METL's primary value to ETL is similar to Low Code programming tools. Most work can be done without manual coding. METL is a universal ETL engine designed for all major use cases across microservices, SQL, NoSQL and flat files. It can can equally handle streaming, batch or low latency micro-batch. METL's multiple Rules Engine workflows can address the many complex data architecture paradigms from a data warehouse, data lake, data marts, OLTP, ODS, search engines and application integration. We use Apache Kafka as our persisted message queue so we can support both push or pull of destination data sources.

We make metadata management an art form. It is a design pattern that is implemented at every point of our platform. Our metadata is a multitiered system that separates general ETL tasks from data architecture considerations. Our metadata is extensible, customizable and easy to understand. The most important aspect is that it correlates to schema management of any database, api or flat file. This correlation allows us to implement powerful data integration solutions. You can use our design wizards to create and manage the data dictionary style metadata. As well as us real-time schema changes using rule based processing.

METL is prebuilt to implement ETL and data architecture best practices. We make the job of the DBAs, data analysists and architects as easy as possibly. Our features and advantages are difficult to overstate.

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